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Export Operations

Dng Ecza Deposu Since its inception, adopted without compromising the “Trust-balance-stability” to the Turkish pharmacists, pharmaceutical suppliers, and service in the health sector became a corporation.

Dng Ecza Deposu outside the domestic activities of all the world, including the Middle East and Europe are realizing export. All exports are carried out with strict European standards, realizing the delivery of medicines with aircraft and truck. All cargo shipped under special conditions in the cold storage unit transported and delivered to overseas customers have mentioned time.. Realized through exports and contribute materially to our country and our service to our company as well as the sensitivity and represent our country in the best possible way…

Our Exporting Countries

İran / Tahran

Mısır / Kahire

Ürdün / Amman

KKTC / Lefkoşa

Pakistan / Karaci

Nijerya / Lagos

Yemen / Sanaa

B.A.E. / Dubai

Azerbaycan / Bakü

Türkmenistan / Askabat

Respected in the world with many countries, these countries are in a position that worked out ..